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About Forte Fundraising.

I founded the children’s charity Heel and Toe in October 2008. The charity now provides 12000 hours of free therapy a year to disabled children of the North of England and beyond. The revenue of the charity is now over £500 000 per annum.

The charity was built to last. We decided at the beginning that we would not be reliant on grant providers. We wanted the charity to be able to support itself through its own fundraising. We successfully raise over £500 000 every year to change the way young disabled children and their families live.

I am now in a position to support other charities with their fundraising. I believe that every charity should have the opportunity to succeed through long term successful fundraising solutions.

The benefits of working with Forte include:

Increase public awareness of your cause

Access to specialist fundraising staff

Increased volunteering opportunities

We work with charities to provide quality service and growth. I want to build a quality working relationship with our charity partners. My passion is to help smaller partners continue and expand the excellent services they provide. The name Forte? We excel at what we do.

Paul Bannister
Managing Director - Forte Fundraising


What People Say About Us?

Paul’s enthusiasm and drive have enabled Heel and Toe to become established as a major charity in the North of England. He is passionate about the charity sector and is constantly re-imagining ways to raise funds to help the charity grow and support disabled children and families in the North East.
He has helped us to build an exciting portfolio of events and has established quality fundraising system that have enabled Heel and Toe to prosper without being solely reliant on grant providers. I would highly recommend Forte Fundraising to any prospective client.

Doug Long - CEO Heel and Toe

Professional friendly service which has added considerable value to our charity supporting people living within the disabled community

David Hopkins - LA TV

We had reached a stage where we had grown beyond all expectation but our fundraising strategy needed to be updated.
Paul rapidly devised a fundraising strategy and we quickly put it into place. It included trust fundraising, community fundraising, and event fundraising. He also helped us develop areas which were in need of modernising, in particular development of a new website and video and social media like Facebook and Twitter.
In addition Paul has advised us on updating our payroll and human resource systems; and how we communicate with staff and volunteers which have improved the running of the organisation.
He has also been responsible for training our staff and volunteers in the new systems.
We are grateful to Paul for his contribution to the continued success of Stray Aid.

Sue Bielby Trustee Stray Aid Ltd